Awards 2023
Almost Tangible 2024 Wins
Mar, 07, 2024

Why do we always ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ to a new year? And let’s be honest here. Is it for the new year thrill of promise and potential waiting for us or it’s just what we do?

Our answer will be at the end of this post but first, we reminisce our 2023.

Who knew football on a Friday evening could be fun? Turns out DragonFly has seasoned pro-players [magwiji], die-hard fans and touchline art enthusiasts [there for the energy]. I’d say the adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is what our team football matches displayed. Besides the team bonding and laughter, it was jaws down when our ladies added some serious flair to the game. Shoutout to Rita, our unexpected goal-scoring sensation!

Basically, the reality on the ground for the touchline art enthusiasts was pain and a bit more pain.

Add on our fun ‘Sprint challenges. Picture two teams going head-to-head on a creative showdown. It was all about pitching ideas in the form of rationale and creatives. The winning team collects a special prize as a token of appreciation. The other team also gets appreciated. But let’s be honest, it feels pretty great to be on the winning team, doesn’t it?

Now to the fun session; our annual team building. Being part of a team is great but connecting and enjoying each other’s company adds an extra layer of greatness. We bonded over games, shared meals, and celebrated our wins and losses for the year. My personal highlight? Channeling our inner ad-gurus and enacting ads for the other team to guess. It was delight at first try.

Following up on the camaraderie of the team-building activities, the icing on the cake was the Awards ceremonies. We basked in the glow of our collective triumphs and celebrated our clients’ successes too! You’ll see the awards below.

Digital Media Awards

Silver: Best Audience Engagement –  Shibe Fest Unga wa Dola; Best Community Engagement Award – Shibe Fest Unga wa Dola; Best Multiplatform/Channel Campaign – Shibe Fest Unga Wa Dola

Bronze: Best Social Good Campaign – She Affirms Case Study Unga wa Dola; Best Website/Microsite By Corporate –  Kyosk Website; Best Motion Graphics And Animation – Dala Dala Suncountry

2023 was exhilarating games, nail-biting challenges and oh the sweet taste of victory. Let the exploration continue. And before I forget, here’s our answer: Because it’s what we do when we are looking forward to the possibilities of a new year.