Change Is Inevitable, Growth Is Optimal

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Change Is Inevitable, Growth Is Optimal
Feb, 01, 2022

Since the onset of the pandemic, we can all testify that we’ve witnessed some major changes here and there in the way we do things. From getting ready for physical office meetings to switching on the camera for virtual meetings.
We also saw those who are self-employed go harder on their regular working shifts to compensate for the night working hours lost due to curfew regulations.

Despite the hurdles that were brought about by the pandemic, this new working culture was an eye-opener for many of us.
From it, new ideas were birthed and for the majority of those working from home, this was a time when our families got familiar with what we do for a living.

For us the Dragonfly team, this was a time to go back to the drawing board and figure out the best way to communicate to Kenyans at a time when the country was living in despair and uncertainty.

Internally, we were fighting our own fears but we had to find a way to rise above that. We paid more attention to being a solution to the community within us. Our objective was to become an emblem of hope during that period.

As a team, we had more brainstorms to help us devise strategic communication ideas that people would relate to.
Through our campaigns, we were able to spread hope and restore joy at a time when families were under pressure to adjust to the new norm.

With time, the external community caught eye of the impact of our work, and we were able to scoop various awards that restored hope to the team.

To date, COVID 19 is still here with us but like every other Kenyan, we are looking beyond the pandemic. Opening our minds to new opportunities and devising new strategies to cope with the situation at hand.

If you are one of those who have taken a bold step during these trying times give yourself a pat on the back and keep going. Keep in mind that in every situation, there’s always room for growth.