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Social Media Campaign
Apr, 28, 2022


A successful marketing campaign should touch people’s lives and spark emotion. People love to feel a brand cares about its users and not just marketing its products.

Some of the best social media campaigns we have witnessed are the likes of the Cadbury Easter Try-outs.

The mechanics behind this campaign was that social media users were expected to participate in the campaign by submitting photos of their pets with the hashtag #CadburyBunnyTryouts. The furry winner would star in their commercial.

Some of the tactics you can borrow from their marketing strategy are like:

Getting your target audience involved-  It’s no secret that user-generated content works wonders for your company.

By running a contest for your followers, you build a stronger connection with them, they feel seen and appreciated, and at the same time, they generate new content for you and promote your brand to their connections.

Playing with iconic imagery– The winner of Cadbury’s contest was a frog (bunny ears included). By taking a recognizable image and turning it on its head, you make sure your campaign is memorable. You can do this with your brand logo, your mascot, or a pop-culture image familiar to your audience.

When running campaigns that tap on key events like Easter, Christmas etc. The use of influencers would be a great boost by gearing the performance of your campaign

Use of influencers to push your campaign- Influencers that are relevant to your brand have already established an audience on social media. Therefore, it is easy to get hold of your target group when you use an influencer. There is no need to spend extra money just to test and find your market as the influencer already has one.

The best way to test the performance of your campaign whether it’s a marketing or social impact campaign is the engagement you get from running the campaign