Apr, 28, 2022

Best-selling author and motivational speaker Dennis Waitley once said life is a continuous learning process.

Take for instance a baby first learns how to crawl with time they learn how to walk and when the time is ripe they start uttering a few words before they learn how to speak fluently.

In all these stages the baby had to learn something new and experience something they never have before.

In the Digital world, there are always new trends. Things change very fast for instance remember the Quarantine challenges that had taken over social media by storm. Right now they wouldn’t be relevant because lockdown in most countries has been lifted.

To keep up we need to be in touch with what is trending and ready to learn.

The Dragonfly team is a learning connoisseur. We have created a platform where every individual gets to share a new concept, idea or skill they have interacted with during the week. We do this during our weekly creative interaction sessions.

At the event when we have a pitch, we liaise with different departments (The Strategy and Creative department) for an engaging brainstorm session. During such events, extensive research is conducted for proper understanding on how to tackle the brief.

Through such sessions, we learn and grow our thinking which in turn contributes to personal development.

The open office working space also allows us to freely exchange ideas and understand the working systems of the various departments. This gives each team member an opportunity to learn something outside their scope. It eventually results to personal fulfilment and job satisfaction within the team.

As human beings learning is a never ending process for us. Every day we discover something new.