Unga Wa Dola Kitu Shwari

  • Client:

    Unga wa Dola

  • Scope:

    Research / Production / Media / Strategy / Experiential / Digital / Creative execution

Kitui Flour Mills LTD, a miller with 30years in the market, have their flagship brand Unga Wa Dola. But a low brand recognition & retail presence nationally led to the 360 revamp.


Taking the ‘Unga wa Dola’ from an unknown brand to universal awareness, was the core challenge. This newly unlocked value was to ripple out and lift sales, share of voice online and in-store recognition.


Most of Kenyan elections are marred by violence. Case in point the 2007/2008 hit the country hard with over 1,100 people dead and over 650,000 displaced while 2013 claimed 477 lives and 118,000 displaced. Increase in violence had been strongly attributed to the negative vibe and hate mostly spread by the youth who make up of over 70% of the electorate. On social media they openly expressed tribal and political rivalry. They were easy targets for violence perpetration and hate monger.